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Submitted on
December 1, 2013


248 (who?)
If you want to feature this Art Contest, Your welcome to do so!

Updates: Closed, winners will be decided soon More than 100 Participants!

Christmas Art Contest!

Ok, its time for an another art contest. This time, it gonna be a little bigger then normal. Most of you might think that the Theme for this contest gonna be Christmas... But it wont.


The Theme for this contest gonna be "Cold (temperature), Freezing or Frozen."

What Can I make?

You can do everything from photography, Digital art, Hand drawed art, sketch, colored art, even a Story! 
Everything is allowed.

What you need to remember when making Your Entry.

You need to remember the Theme for this art contest. Its important that the Theme have a role in your Entry. Exemples for this might be someone thats Freezing, playing in the snow, having warm clothes on, looking out on the cold weather, frozen water, or something that is related to some of the themes and a lot more.

If you still need some help to get started, or still are unsure what to make, take a look here:…

Rules for this contest.

 You can make one entry for this contest.
 The picture/story most be NEW (Made after this contest started).
 The Picture/story most be YOURS.
 Leave a Link to this contest on the pictures description.
 Name of the Picture/story most be: Christmas Contest - (Your picture name.) Or the other way.
 Leave a Link to your Picture in the Comment below.
 You dont need to be a Watcher, but can easier be Updated if you are.

Rules for the Picture.

 The picture can be everything from animals, humans or only background.
 All type of Pictures is allowed, even  photography. Story is allowed to.
 It can be more then one animal/person in the Picture.
 You dont need a background, but its allowed to have a background.
 Fanart is allowed, like of an anime or cartoon. (Dont use other peoples OC`s if your not allowed to.)

How long do I have?

The contest will go on to 01.01.14.
My Birthday.

How will the winner be decided?

Some of the Donators, a Personal jury and Meself will decide the winners.
The winners will be decided some few days after the contest ends.

Price list.

I have decided to dont use the Llamas and watchers that people want to donate for this contest. You can still donate Commissions to the winners (or points,) but then you most contact me on Note. Who will win the different Commissions will first be decided when the contest ends, but the top 5 Pictures will all win a Commission + what Im giving.

Commissions they are giving can be seen here:

The Price list is as following.

1st - 3000 :points: or 30 USD.
2th - 1500 :points: or 15 USD.
3th - 1000 :points: or 10 USD.
4th - 600 :points: or Free 3 Month Premium Membership or 6 USD.
5th - 350 :points: or Free 1 Month Premium Membership or 3,5 USD.
6th - 350 :points: or Free 1 Month Premium Membership or 3,5 USD.
7th - 300 :points: or 3 USD.
8th - 200 :points: or 2 USD.
9th - 200 :points: or 2 USD.
10th - 100 :points: or 1 USD.

I will also give some Points to "Best background", "Best idea", "Best coloring work", "Most emotional Picture", and "Lucky Loser".

All the Prices can increase under the Contest.
I can also change the Price list itself, but the price list cant decrease.

You can also choose to take the price out as USD $.
Becuse of the diffrence in Norwegian (NOK) and American (USD) it might be a few Cent in difference.
USD $ can only be Payd in PayPal.


Be sure to Watch me to get Updates on this Contest.

Be sure to watch me for other contests.

Tell me If you gonna Join it! :D (Big Grin)


Christmas Contest- Why not?          I wasn't sure if I should be dispirited about the winter cold or joyous. The rushing crowds passed me as I slowly walked down the snowy street. The colorful Christmas lights penetrated the foggy darkness of the city. The stores were busy with another bunch of last-minute shoppers. Taxis sped past in a yellow blur. Sirens would even sound on a night like this. Why couldn't people not get into trouble on this night?
          I pulled my jacket on tighter as a strong wind blew snow into my face. Frostbitten plants stuck out of the ground at odd angles from the icy breeze and the hurrying pedestrians. I heard a bell jingling from nearby. A man in a red outfit stood there with a charity bucket. At least some people had a little bit of the right mood. Why can't everybody think this way?
          I carefully slid some coins out of my pocket and move
Christmas contest-XenAshwoodIn the frozen north of terra, following the events of the Eye's second activation and total destruction, a lone figure trudges onward wrapped in furs. He stops near a corpse from Nyko's nuclear attack frozen in the ice.
As the figure touches the frozen corpse it moves. It gets up and lurches toward the figure, who has stepped back. The "corpse" screeches and more come out of the ice, crawling out of the dense snow and lurching toward the figure. The figure raises his left hand and flicks his thumb and forefinger together. A small green flame appears between the fingers. He calmly raises his hand to his mouth and blows. A tongue of green flame ripples off his hand and strikes the first corpse. It catches fire and stumbles backwards
The figure seems to think its beaten the Frozen "corpse". But the fire dies off and the "corpse" seems to...grow a crystalline ice armor. The figure runs from the fast-amassing horde. He hides behind some skyship wreckage to catch his breath. He burns a rough
Christmas Contest - (Nuclear WInter) by Henly-HillChristmas Contest- [Feathers and Ice] by VodosChristmas Contest - Who needs a sled anyway? by pelle131313
Christmas Contest - Walking around frozen lakeMany years ago is wery talented poet. And he had a dream - he wanted to see the Dragon of the Darkness. He liked this dragon from his 7th birthday. Arveroun (the name of young man) saw the beautiful and cool dragon near the lake. The dragon had dark skin, strong legs, big wings
and long tale. The face of the dragon was wery cool. It was snowly february. The dragon looked on the small boy and dissapeared. And after that Arveroun thought: "This is the most beautiful dragon! I must find it!".
13 years later was winter. Arveroun was 20 years old. He went to the lake - it was his favourite place, because at the winter the lake is freezing and becoming full freezing and all peoples could dance on it. On this lake he met wery beautifull girl. She had long dark hair, violet eyeses and elegant clothes.
Hi!, - Arveroun said.
But woman was too shy to reply. She looked on him and said herself: "i remember him. I saw him 13 years ago at this place".
She went to him. She knows about him because she
Frozen 001 by Ka-KindHappy Christmas!!! by bestmanalive117Christmas Contest - Winter's Rising. by PinkPhantumpChristmas Contest by PoohbearArtChristmas Contest-  Frozen Heart by lioness14Christmas Contest- clay snowman with hot chocolate by muffinthehamster11Winter (Christmas contest) by ennailaughterChristmas Contest - Angel of Snow by TeamTayMemilenaThe cynical General's moments (Christmas contest) by TheSaneInInsanityChristmas Contest - (DT,ER - Picture) by Kage-YamiChristmas contest - Heartfelt Warmth by GeckonatorHome for Christmas by BellXJayChristmas Contest - Watching Snowfall by 10SHADOW-GIRL10Christmas Contest-....Meltdown.... by chromic7skyHello Snowflake - Christmas Contest by katana642<da:thumb id="418387917"/>Christmas Contest - Shelter by creativekat3 Christmas Contest Entry (Frozen)
It could be a matter of hours, or days, or even weeks that she had been trotting on the cold snow. Her hooves stung from the cold at every step that she took. Her teeth chattered uncontrollably and her body shook wildly. The thin baggy sweater was completely useless in trapping heat in this harsh weather. It was a miracle that she was still able to survive--usually a filly wouldn’t make it through blizzards, they weren't made for torture.
The pale blue filly blindly walked through the blizzard, not even caring to feel where she was going. She felt as if there was no purpose in living anymore. Many attempts in committing suicide had failed miserably, it may seem that the heavens refuse to end her suffering. What had she done in her past life to deserve this?
The bone chilling wind pierced through her coat, and her whole body felt numb.
“Just try to imagine you’re sitting next to a fire, and ignore the cold. Everything will be alright. Everything will be alright. Ev
Lilly (Christmas Contest) by POTGFirst Snow - Contest by ShadeDreamsChristmas contest/ Winter Fox by slavekagome

Ice Skating:Christmas contest Walking in the cold I thought we'd never get there. After what seemed like forever we were able to see the lake. You could tell just how thick the ice was just by the look of it. I started to run afraid that if I didn't get there soon it would disappear and I would never be able to find it again. I just kept running fast and fast until I was at the edge of the lake. I wanted to put on my skates and just run onto the ice and skate to my hearts content but I knew that the odds of me getting hurt or falling through the ice were a lot higher if I didn't have one of the older kids check it first. I waited for them to catch up. When they finally got there I waited for them to check and make sure the ice was safe. When they said we could come on the ice I sat down put my skates on as fast as I could and when they were tied tight, I stood up and walked onto the ice being very careful so I wouldn't fall. When I thought I was far enough from the edge I started to just skate Christmas Contest-Runner of BlizzardsDo things all start as fun?
Before they end badly?
Do they?
Well, do they?
I bound 'cross snow
with my sisters
we ran.
Our claws sharp
Our fangs bright
Our silver fur rippling in the wind
Wrought from the force of our sprint.
Where is the end?
To this happy respite from death?
All was well
Our prey caught
All that remained was to kill.
This one was not like the rest.
It's fur shone with white brilliance.
Why hasn't it ended yet?
We all know what's going to happen?
What is the point?
I warned my kin
To no avail.
Hungry from empty bellies of last winter
They bit
Howling their victory to the sky.
As nothing happened
Feeling my suspicion was for naught
I ate
Alongside my sisters.
Why do you proceed with this folly?
It only makes it worse in the end?
Christmas Contest - Frozen Tears by jessi-bee<da:thumb id="417775345"/>christmas  contest  ****snow bird by rochele10A Frozen Trap by owlkatz2D1T | Anastasiya Kozlova and XiA by SpanishPandaHero Christmas Contest: The Fire's WarmthA fire burns, roaring, muffling the sound of the playing Christmas music, as I sit curled in a blanket, next to my dog, Charlie. The scarlet and orange colors from the fire glow effervescently against my dogs fur, curled at my feet. We sit, and watch the Colorado snow fall, like always on Sundays, the day that I have no work. We had just moved into this new house, and it was just starting to feel like a home, comforting. The window pane is frosted over, the cold desperately trying to reach the warmth inside of our house.  I reach for the T.V remote, and turn on the television to an incoming news bulletin.  "This just in" urged the anchorwoman, trying to grasp the viewer's attention. " A massive snowstorm is headed this way, expect widespread road closures, public transportation closures, and icy road conditions.  Please urge anyone else outside to seek shelter, in their own home or in yours. It is most important, especially on today, Christmas Eve, to invite those less f Christmas Contest: Frozen wastelandthe Darkness is everywhere
all I can you see is the frozen wasteland I once called home
all I can fell is the cold wind
all i can hear is my slowly heart beats
Where did the light and the warmth go
why can't it be like it used too be
Why am I left behind, by all.
I may be lost in the darkness but I will allways find you
in my dreams and every beath I take is for you
but will you find me in the darkness
or must I fell in sleep forever to be near you?
the Darkness is everywhere
all I can you see is the frozen wasteland I once called home
all I can fell is the cold wind
all i can hear is my slowly heart beats
can you hear me when I call your name
will you see me when I am near you
when will this nightmare that we call reality end?
Christmas Contest - Warmth of a Penguin by w1nt3rbl1zzaraFalling by AGlimpseOfMe<da:thumb id="421795679"/>Christmas Contest - Winter Adventure by Katcsy Christmas contest- dotty99212She walked across the snow slowly- she had plenty of time- no one would notice she was gone until the next day. This time of year was always beautiful. She liked it. She liked the twisted bare branches and the breathtaking cold. And everything was so still and peaceful. She sat down on the snow, it crunched and she patted the whiteness next to her. It felt cold, her body told her it was cold; she was shivering, but inside her heart felt warm. Flashbacks of making snow angels with her parents floated through her head and she lay down, moving her arms and legs back and forth.  She smiled gently then, suddenly feeling tired, her thoughts misty like the air around her as if she’d been disrupted from a long dream and just wanted to fall back asleep. And she did- sleep- but the kind of sleep that one doesn't ever wake from.[DGM] Christmas Contest - Frozen Hearts by ShadowExiladiaMerry Christmas 2013-Christmas contest by lovelyshaudeChristmas Contest - Blue Christmas by FriskusisIf We Must Face the Storm - Christmas Contest by ObliviousButtkins[Touhou] White Snow - Christmas Contest by warp-yfreezing wolf with snow .:C:. by MayaWolf13Eirwen - (Christmas Contest) by EdaHerzContest Christmast - I feel cold today!! by Pingmatz<da:thumb id="420917159"/>Christmas Contest- Frozen Midnight by LunardreamerEmyA Modern Myth - Christmas Contest by iAM-tulioChristmas Contest- The first flake by 2oPercentCoolerA Link Between Worlds Ice Ruins by LinkIlvienChristmas Contest - wolf by Kayra-artChristmas contest - Malitane by Malitane<da:thumb id="419450851"/>Christmas Contest - Mirai cute Santa Mama by CaptainMisuzuChristmas Contest - Fading Glory by shizen1102~Christmas Contest~Walking in a Winter Wonderland by Nikki-KajiChristmas Contest - I Shall Freeze Till You Return by Caution-KonekoBringer of Winter by LostMemoryOfADreamChristmas Contest - Frozen Globe by twisted-lodkChristmas contest: Handmade snowgobe with Santa 1 by SelloCreationsChristmas Contest-  Heart of Ice by Nurbzwax<da:thumb id="418851722"/>Merry Christmas Fox by scarletkisses1992Christmas Contest-Within Winter Fortress by Ouroboros-Armageddon
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