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Every 1 :points: Helps!

All Points Donated will be used in Giveaways or Contests. Remember to Write when Your are donating Points for a Giveaway, so you get added to the Sponsor list on the Contest Journal (Most donate more then 5 :points: to be added to the sponsor list.

You can also Donate a Full Price for one of the Prices on the Contest, and you will get your name after the Price.


If you want to Donate the Third place price, you most then Donate the hole price (that 50 :points: on this example), But Contact me First then, When the size of the Prices can be Different from Contest to contest. And we will decide it then.

Third Place 50 :points: Donated be :iconmorten-chan:

Donate a Commission to a Giveaway/contest:

If you are Doing Commissions, And want to add Free Commissions as a Price, that would be amazing, but be sure to Contact me first

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17. aug.
  Date changed so its easier to understand, and some misspelling fixed.
20. Aug. First participants added to the list.
26. Aug. New entrys added to the list, giveaway link removed.
27. Aug. "Most emotional picture" is changed to "Most Emotional," when this goes for all entrys.
29. Aug. New entrys added to the list.

Art / Story / Comic Contest!

Ok, its time for an another contest. It have been some months since the last one, and im sorry for that, that goes to all my followers. Hopefully will I get more active again now. I did think for a long time for the theme for this contest, and I wanted something that's not used to much, but at the same time something everyone can use as an idea for their entry. I hope everyone like it. Its always hard to make a prize list to, that everyone is happy with. Some smaller prizes, and more winners, or a bigger prize, but less winners. Some people thinks "... why should I, I gonna lose anyway.. But wait, as much as 10 entries wins a prize, maybe i should join after all!," and others think "... Only 20$, not worth my time." I'm always trying to get a good combination of both, but you still need the money to do so. But just as a reminder, it's not always the greatest art that wins, is the one that have manage to show of the "theme" for the contest in the best way. So hopefully most people is happy with the prize list and the theme for the contest.
Good luck. And be sure to let people know about this contest! Shy Fella Hugging (Love) 


The Theme for this contest gonna be "A Dream Come true."

What Can I make?

You can do everything from photography, Digital art, Hand drawed art, comic, sketch, colored art, something hand made, even a Story! 
Everything is allowed, as long its yours.

What you need to remember when making Your Entry.

You need to remember the "theme" for this contest. Its important that the "theme" have a role in your entry. Examples for this might be someone thats just found the love of their dream, someone that just figured out that Bill gates is his/her dad, just won in a lottery, just got her/his father home from the war, the news that his/her sister will survive the incident.. I can go on forever with ideas, use your imagination. If you still are unsure what to make, or ensure that your idea will be approved for the contest, ask some of your friends, or ask me! Will gladly help out!
If you need some examples, look at the entries (if any) or just search "A dream come true." Maybe you will have some ideas that way.

Rules for this contest.

 You can make one entry for this contest.
 The art/picture/story most be NEW (Made after this contest started).
 The art/picture/story most be YOURS.
 Leave a Link to this contest on the pictures description.
 Name of the Picture/story most be: A dream Come true - (Your picture name.) Or the other way.
 Leave a Link to your Picture in the Comment below.
 You dont need to be a Watcher, but can easier be Updated if you are.

Just an exemple of how the name and Description of the entry should be:

Rules for the Picture/art.

 It can be more then one animal/person in the Picture.
 You dont need a background, but its allowed to have a background.
 Fanart is allowed, like of an anime or cartoon. (Dont use other peoples OC`s if your not allowed to.)
 All types of art is welcome, even handmade art, written storys and so on.

How long do I have?

The contest will go on to around 14 Sept. 2014.
The date might be changed a little, but only a few days longer.

How will the winner be decided?

Some of the Donators, a Personal jury and Meself will decide the winners.
The winners will be decided some few days after the contest ends.

Prize list.

Your welcome to donate Commission or/and points to this contest, just leave me a NOTE.


The Prize list is as following.

1st - 3500 Points or 35 USD.
2nd - 1500 Points or 15 USD.
3rd - 600 Points or 6 USD.
4th - 350 Points or Free 1 Month Premium Membership or 3,5 USD.
5th - 350 Points or Free 1 Month Premium Membership or 3,5 USD.
6th - 350 Points or Free 1 Month Premium Membership or 3,5 USD.

If you got an idea of how the prize list should have been, or belive i need to change it, im still open to change it, but be sure to note me as early as you can, speak now, or be silence. ;)

I will also give some Points to "Best background", "Best idea", "Best coloring work", "Most emotional", and "Lucky Loser".

The prize list can increase under the contest, and im allowed to change it at any time, but the prize list will never decrease.
If under 30 participants, will a month be added to the deadline (this havent happen on any of my earlier contest, so a small chance for that...) Wink/Razz 

You can also choose to take the price out as USD $.
Becuse of the diffrence in Norwegian (NOK) and American (USD) it might be a few Cent in difference.
USD $ can only be Payd in PayPal.


Be sure to Watch me to get Updates on this Contest.

Be sure to watch me for other contests.

Tell me If you gonna Join it, and be sure to fav it!!! :D (Big Grin)


A Dream Come True-Tears of Winning by picocorella A dream come true- ice cream queen by I-Love-marshall-lee   A Dream Come True - The Flower that couldn't Bloomfor Morten-Chan 's 'A Dream Come True' contest
Flowers grow,
Flowers die.
Occasionally they bloom.
But there was one Flower that never bloomed.
All she wanted was to bloom.
She grew and grew,
Taller and taller,
Never leaning,
Never faltering.
But still she did not bloom.
'I will not die until i bloom',
she'd think as she grew ever more taller.
'To the sky I will go if I must,'
And taller she grew.
Years past,
Yet she did not bloom.
When at last her strength was fading,
She gave one last push.
'I must prevail,
I must not falter,
I must not lean.'
With the last bit of her strength she bloomed wide.
Wasn't she beautiful?
Petal's unfurled to glorious lengths,
Enveloping the ground in their shadow.
The flower sighed and started to wither.
But she was happy.
For at last...
Her Dream Came True.
 a  dream come  true  ****    everlasting  life by rochele10 A Dream Come True- Dragons Cuddling by KTBugBiles Freedom - A dream Come true {CONTEST} by Namine-L  A dream come true-Resort of the heavensThere is something that lures me to sleep. I'm used to it you could say. The pitiful crying of desperation and hunger drives my friend mad. So she cries and wails throughout the night. Oh I just wish I could be in a better place.  
The streets of New York are filled with us. Who is us? Us are the children that sleep in the alley ways. Cardboard tents are like treasure to us. With cardboard tents you can shelter yourself from the harsh, cold wind and deadly weather.
Scraps of food is what we live on. If that night my loved ones hadn't crashed I could've still had enough food to keep my ribs from showing. I could feel happy. My thoughts are interrupted by someone speaking.
"Akira. Come with me Akira." The voice whispered. Goosebumps started to rise. There was something unsettling about the way he talked. He was behind me, whispering like the wind passing by.
He was the only motivation I had left, my crush. "Where will we go?" I asked, sounding better than I felt deep down.
"I know y
 A Dream come true - I had promised you by Jane-Pr Eyes Wide Open - A Dream Come True by CelesOran A dream Come true - (When words don't hurt you) by Jenssiej  A dream come true- protector wolfesso this is for content that Morten-Chan
made and ya lets start with A dream come true- protector wolfes.
there was 1 thing that dint let me sleep. Dreaming about protector wolfes do they ever exist?? do they? protector of desert and protector of the ice and winter. I dint believe in them. until 1 day...  It seemed like normal day but it isnt. In this day was change between summer and winter when the 2 wolfes changed summer to winter. And then i saw the protector wolfes. their names is blaze and icy. That wasnt last time i saw them i actually got to meet them. When i was outside i saw blaze and icy fighting. i said NO STOP PLZ! They plainly ignored me. Until i said STOP NOW! They both was like: sorry. It was
best day ever that i had to meet them.
 A dream come true- Crush by rebeccahirst A Dream Come True by Stef192k


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